Self-care is something I am a huge supporter of as I know the benefits from personal experience and as a professional counsellor it is a non-negotiable for me as it allows me to ensure my own wellbeing both mentally and physically is maintained which is vital in my job.

I can imagine some of you reading this blog and hearing you say some of the main reasons I hear every week in my clinic such as “I’m too busy to focus on self-care.”
However, one reason that I think will resonate with many of us why we neglect our own self-care is we feel it is a selfish thing to focus on ourselves.

My view on this is self-care is not selfish it is ESSENTIAL!

I totally get as a parent myself how easy it is to feel guilty about spending sometime on ourselves, doing something we love or even simply relaxing.
For many of us we spend all our days working, looking after children, maintaining a home and all our other daily tasks and responsibilities. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in daily life, caring for others that many of us simply forget to look after ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with feeling that we need a break. Modern day life is so fast paced and the demands of having a career, the responsibilities of having a family and looking after a home take up so much of our time and energy.


Self-care is about being aware of our own mental and physical health, identifying our own needs and putting steps in place in order to maintain and/or improve our physical and mental wellbeing. It is about doing things that YOU enjoy; I’ll say that again… what YOU enjoy.

As with my approach to counselling clients there cannot be a one size fits all formula or approach that applies to everyone, we are all individuals in our own right and like different things and we respond to different things.

When it comes to self-care it is more than eating nice food, having a few drinks and socialising. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this however, while this may work for some people for others, they may get more benefit from some much-needed alone time.


Self-care can be anything you need it to be but the trick is to listen to your body to really understand what it wants.

Below is a link to a self-care tool box that is a PDF you can print out or save and gives you a reference and some guidance on how to create your own self-care tool box

The other link below is a self-care handbook PDF you can print out or save that gives some great guidance on how to take care of ourselves better in work


A big part of self-care is accepting help when it is needed. As children, we’re taught to look after ourselves, like brushing our teeth daily and to going to bed early, to learning how to talk about our feelings and resting when unwell. As adults, why should this be any different? If you feel you’re getting too wrapped up in life, but aren’t prioritising your health, remember that change is possible. Giving yourself time isn’t selfish in any way – it’s caring for your mind and body.

Counselling can you learn how to cope with your stressors, and show you how caring for yourself is nothing to feel guilty about.

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