Whenever people hear the word counselling, they automatically picture sitting in a counselling room discussing issues that have been impacting on their lives

Counselling is totally individual and what works for one person, may not work for you. Whether you have tried face to face counselling and it wasn’t what you were after, or there are other reasons as to why you’d like to try another way, know that there are options.

With the advancement of technology counselling can now be available through many alternative channels such as telephone counselling or online counselling via video chat which opens the world of counselling up for so many people.

What are the benefits of online counselling?

Online counselling now offers clients greater flexibility and choice which allows people to fit counselling sessions into their daily lives. For some there might be aspects of in-person or telephone counselling that do not appeal, by contrast options such as therapy via video calling can alleviate some concerns.

Online counselling offers an alternative where traditional counselling settings are not practical. For example, fitting in face to face therapy sessions around childcare can make it all but impossible to attend. Online counselling offers a realistic alternative.

Similarly, people who travel extensively for work can benefit from being able to access support no matter their location. Video calling can provide a means to connect with a counsellor wherever work or travel may take a client. Maintaining a consistent therapeutic experience and ensuring progress being made continues.

For people with physical or mental limitations that prevent them from leaving their house, carers who are restricted in their availability, online therapy is a useful alternative to more traditional face to face counselling settings.

It is a great way for people who geographically live in areas more remote that simply have limited access to mental health services in their geographic area to get access to counselling that they might not have been able to otherwise.

Online counselling can be more affordable as many counsellors offer a reduced rate for the sessions but it also cuts down on travelling costs for clients as they do not have to leave the office or house.

Can any counsellor offer online therapy?

Well the simple answer to that in my opinion is NO!!

The reason I say this is because the dynamic for online counselling is completely different to more traditional face to face counselling that I strongly believe requires a counsellor to undertake the relevant training and qualifications in online counselling before offering online counselling to clients.

Why is E-Therapy Ni different?

I have spent a considerable amount of time training and gaining the relevant experience and qualifications specific to providing online counselling and am only one of a small number with this qualification which sets me apart from other counsellors providing the service.

I will be relaunching our Online Counselling package and services over the coming weeks so please keep an eye out on our social media platforms for more information.

If you feel online counselling is something you would like to try or more traditional face to face counselling please do get in touch.

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