Self-care is something I am a huge supporter of as I know the benefits from personal experience and as a professional counsellor it is a non-negotiable for me as it allows me to ensure my [...]


My interest in Fibromyalgia has been long standing so much so that I based my dissertation for my counselling degree and research on Fibromyalgia and its connections with trauma, the aim of this was to [...]

Work Related Stress

April 2019 is Stress Awareness Month, work-related stress and anxiety/depression is something that I am very passionate about and enjoy helping clients work through as I have been in those same shoes several years ago [...]

September Blues

If returning to work or school in September and shorter, colder days seem like a gloomy prospect, you're not alone. Autumn can worsen anxiety and depression, experts say, so why does it affect us and [...]

Fear of Flying – How Hypnotherapy can help

Do you dream of Barbados or Dubai but settle for Belfast or Dublin? Well you are not alone. While taking a few weeks off for my holidays I noticed quite a few people posting on [...]

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